Beach Bunny Studio

A Studio for Artists

Beach Bunny Studio was created by Bobby Dreher as a space that celebrates music. It is not only a recording studio, but a gallery of legends, locals, and upcoming artists. This studio is provided to artists who want to produce amazing work, but more importantly give back to their local and musical community. We work with enthusiastic creators of original music and unique adaptations of the classics. Your energy will be captured in the recordings that are created here for you to share with your listeners. We are selective in the clients we choose to work with, but those who do become members of the Beach Bunny family!

Our Space

The studio is located in Doylestown in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is a truly unique space in that it is a professionally engineered and acoustically sound proofed studio located in a private residence. This is not a basement studio with run down equipment. It’s a beautifully designed production area with plenty of room to setup, record, relax, and master. It features a control room, large studio space, and an iso vocal room.

Our Equipment

The recording equipment is top notch and includes a Toft Audio Designs ATB Console, Mac Pro with Avid Pro Tools, multiple studio monitors, audio interfaces, preamps, kits, cables, pedals, and more to discover. The moment you walk into the space you are able to plug-in and start recording or we can work with you to create the perfect unique sound you desire.

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